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Why does Jason Smith Broker Owner of Cooperative Real Estate sell so many homes?

Jason spends tens of thousands of dollars each month advertising his listings. The days of putting a sign in the yard, placing the home on the MLS and then sitting back and waiting for an offer to come in are long gone. Today it takes an aggressive marketing plan to get the results you are looking for. 

Jason has a second to none marketing strategy that incorporates print advertising, online marketing and networking. This three prong approach has enabled him to consistently be one of the top real estate agents in the area. Jason has earned several awards and has become a sought after realtor across the 1000 ISLANDS Region

How confident are we that we can sell your home? 
 I could only feel confident enough to offer this program after years of trial and error realizing what worked and didn't work in marketing homes. After selling thousands of homes in my career, and getting to the point where I can honestly say I spend over $15,000 a month in advertising for my clients, I can guarantee that my marketing plan works.

How does this program work? 
When you list your home with The Jason Smith Team, you may decide to opt into our guaranteed sale program. The program is 99 days long and in it we agree to sell your present home in the Greater Watertown Area at a price both Jason and you agree on.

What happens if I change my mind? 
Please note, we’re so sure about our marketing if you are not completely satisfied you can cancel the listing at any time. That means a day, a month or two months into the listing, you can cancel and pay nothing, we put that in writing. 

Am I required to enter the Guaranteed Program? 
The answer is NO. In fact most of our sellers would rather we market their home in a normal fashion.

What is the guaranteed price for my home? 
We can’t determine that until we visit your home and put together a detailed market analysis. We then lay out the pricing structure and do nothing until you say go 

If you are thinking of selling, don't trust your largest investment to just any agent.

Call Jason Direct at 315-767-1823 for a Free, no obligation marketing consultation.